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Hi Donna,

Thanks for the info and thoughts. I'm learning too. She does train and learn very quickly for commands. That is most impressive.

She is 5.5 months now, I have a Spey scheduled prior to the October 12 date so I hope she does not hit a heat cycle prior to it.

I'm very impressed with her agility and speed and hope I can get her into obstacle course trials. I think she has it within her to do very well in them.

We go for 2-3 walks per day and people stop and comment on her amazing looks and symmetry of color as well as her shape and muscles. She sure stands out from the rest of the dogs we come across. Pure bread dog from champion parents I tell them. :-) It's like taking a sports car out for a drive.

Oh, I even see people driving past us rubber necking to look at her.



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Donna Smith is a professional dog breeder with over 30 years experience and specializing in the two magnificent breeds the German Pinscher & Doberman Pinscher.

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