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Hi Donna,

Wanted to send you an update on Kai and tell you what a wonderful dog she is. She comes everywhere with us and is a very well traveled dog from camping to staying in a hotel she adjusts to all kinds of environments with ease.

Kai had a big year with lots of changes one of which was a move to a new house (Kai was very pleased with her new backyard). She even attended our wedding in September. All in all nothing seems to phase this dog such a well adjusted animal with a winning personalty.

Kai's personality is amazing she seems to like everybody dog and human. Also has an amazing ability to pick up on what is expected of her and adjusts her behavior to fit. For example when my mom comes to visit her (which is most everyday when we are at work) she is a very calm and sweet in nature. When my Dad comes to the house she knows its time to play and her athletic ability shines through. Wow what a cuddly dog never would have guessed when we first looked at this breed. It will be movie time or Sunday football and Kai is right there under the blanket all cuddled up....................wow this dog loves blankets, a huge creature of comfort.

This breed is so intelligent and learns very quickly. Also the devotion Kai shows to us is unlike any dog I have had or seen. She sure likes staying with her people not one to go off on her own even if we are just at home.

Donna Thanks for such a wonderful companion dog, she is everything we wanted and then some. We are looking forward to celebrating her 1st brithday tomorrow. She is such a social little critter..............makes us think that she would enjoy having a little brother. Expecting any litters in the new year?


Ashley, Elden, and Kai

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Donna Smith is a professional dog breeder with over 30 years experience and specializing in the two magnificent breeds the German Pinscher & Doberman Pinscher.

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